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Baron Bigod

A traditional farmhouse brie with long lasting warm earth, farmyard and mushroom flavours, made in England! Baron Bigod is truly unique to Fen Farm. Its flavours, aromas and characteristics are influenced by their cows milk and the rich variety of grasses and herbs that grow on the grazing land of Stow Fen, an unusual wildlife-rich Basin marsh which is completely unique to the Waveney Valley


Please note - this cheese is now (hopefully not forever) PASTEURISED - if you want a raw milk brie, take a look at our excellent Brie de Meaux or Coulommiers


  • Milk

    Pasteurised Montbeliarde cow's milk

  • Rennet

    Traditional animal rennet

  • Origin

    Fen Farm, Bungay, Suffolk, England

  • Our suggestion

    In keeping with The Baron's heritage, try it with a Suffolk Pinot Noir and a fresh sourdough loaf

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