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Soft Runny Cheese French Brie Coulommiers White Rind  Cut Cheese Raw Milk Unpasteurised


This little Brie type cheese is a dream of sweet and milky vibes, made for over a thousand years in Seine-et-Marne. Our raw milk fermier cheese has a great depth of flavour and ripens to almost liquid

  • Milk

    Unpasteurised cow's milk

  • Rennet

    Traditional animal rennet

  • Origin

    Coulommiers, Seine-et-Marne, France

  • Our suggestion

    Rather than a usual cheeseboard of a hard, soft and blue cheese, a whole Coulommier makes an impressive centrepiece for the dinner table. Let your guests demolish it, washed down with a Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc or whatever red wine you have had with dinner

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