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Large Slice Wedge of Swiss Gruyere Schlossberger Cheese Hard Alpine Cow's Milk Cheese Raw Unpasteurised Milk

Schlossberger Gruyère

A classic Gruyere style Alpine mountain cheese from the Emmental Valley


We have Schlossberger at 8 months old, a young sweetly milky cheese, with a smooth yeilding texture - perfect for fondue


Also, Schlossberger at 15 months - rich and nutty, with a farmyard, sweet silage background. Amazing in scones, croutons, dauphinoise (heresy??) or for a super charged fondue. A perfect table cheese in its own right


Plus - Schlossberger Godfather! A sublime old gent at a minimum of 36 months old

  • Milk

    Unpasteurised silage free cow's milk

  • Rennet

    Traditional animal rennet

  • Origin

    Steinen, Emmental

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