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Kate's Kitchen Chutneys

Kate's Kitchen Chutneys

A beautiful selection of chutneys and preserves, made by Kate's Kitchen in Sowerby Bridge, just down the Calder Valley from The Cheesehouse


Kate uses the best quality ingredients, as local as possible and often organic. All of her products are gluten free and vegan


Smooth Apple - a product like membrillo (quince jelly) but with tannins and a sharpness which balances the sweet apple


Fresh Chutney - this isn't cooked at all, dried fruits, vegatables, fresh apple, ginger and garlic are combined with sugar, vinegar and spices and matured 


Greengage - a well balanced autumnal chutney with tangy greengages


Ale Chutney - a rich chutney combining malty ale with vegetables, apples and dates, along with tangy tomato


Mango Chutney - a sweet tangy chutney, rich in ripe mango and bright with black onion seed. Try it with Wensleydale!


Onion Marmalade - sweet slow cooked onions, perfect with a slice of smoked Lancashire cheese


Fresh Green Tomato - a simple chutney made with tomatoes and onions, equally at home with ham, a pork pie or cheese


Spicy Rhubarb Chutney - puck up for an exciting combination of rhubarb and cranberry with more than a hint of spice!



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