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Cornish Yarg

With a rind of nettle leaves, Yarg is full of the essence of the English countryside - the beginning of rain on dry stone walls and crisp bracken. "Yarg" is simply "Gray" spelt backwards, it is named after Alan and Jenny Gray, enterprising farmers who found a 1615 recipe by Gervase Markham for a nettle-wrapped semi-hard cheese in their attic. The original recipe is thought to date back to the 13th century. A wonderful contemporary addition to the territorial cheeses of Great Britain

  • Milk

    Pasteurised cow's milk

  • Rennet

    Vegetarian rennet

  • Origin

    Truro, Cornwall, England

  • Our suggestion

    Savoury scones with Cornish Yarg are a real treat - keep the rind on for exciting discoveries in your scones!

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