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Berghoi Raclette Swiss Cheese Swiss Raclette Flavoured Cheese Cut Cheese Raw Milk Unpasteurised

Berghöi Raclette



A mature Swiss raclette with fragrant grasses, herbs and wildflowers from mountain hay pastures, made with raw cow's milk at the Eyweid Creamery at Zäziwil, Emmental


If you'd like your raclette slicing at no extra charge, please let us know

  • Milk

    Unpasteurised Simmentaler cow's milk

  • Rennet

    Traditional animal rennet

  • Origin

    Zäziwil, Emmental, Switzerland

  • Our suggestion

    This rich Raclette is well washed and aged for a little longer than usual - try it as an intense Raclette dish melted over nutty Pink Fir Apple potatoes and cured pork sausage, washed down with wheat beer

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