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Beaufort Extra Vieux

A rich and aromatic Alpine classic, aged for 14+ months. There's something timeless about the austere ivory appearance of Beaufort, the pockets of mite damage to this aged old gent give a quality of faded elegance. Raw milk from Tarentaise cows lend a warm nutty milky flavour to this superb cheese
  • Milk

    Unpasteurised Tarentaise cow's milk

  • Rennet

    Traditional animal rennet

  • Origin

    Beaufortain, Savoie, France

  • Our suggestion

    This mature Beaufort makes an excellent adulterant in a fondue - experimentation is part of the fun! Therefore... try old Beaufort with a Oloroso Sherry - or an oxidised wine such as Western Crete's Marouvas wine, made from Romeiko grapes

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